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We Provide The Best Quality Materials To A Number Of Diversified Industries Domestically And Globally. The Company Has Developed Strong Relationship With Suppliers And Producers By Honoring Commitments And Serving With Honesty And Passion. We Consider This The Main Reason For Our Success And Growth Over The Years.

Non Ferrous

Nonferrous Scrap Metal Is Scrap Metal Other Than Iron & Steel. While The Volume Of Nonferrous Scrap Is Less Than Ferrous Scrap, It Is More Valuable By The Pound. Here Are Some Examples Of Nonferrous Scrap: Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Nickel, Titanium, Cobalt, Chromium, & Precious Metals. Millions Of Tons Of Nonferrous Scrap Metal Are Recovered By Processors & Consumed By Secondary Smelter, Refiners, Ingot Makers, Fabricators, Foundries, & Other Industries In This Country.

Non-Ferrous Metals Do Not Contain Iron, Are Not Magnetic And Usually Offer More Resistance To Corrosion Than The Ferrous Metals. Non-Ferrous Metals Include Copper, Aluminium, Lead, Zinc And Nickel.


Ferrous Scrap Is Scrap Iron And Steel. This Includes Scrap From Old Automobiles, Farm Equipment, Household Appliances, Steel Beams, Railroad Tracks, Ships, And Food Packaging And Other Containers. Ferrous Scrap Accounts For The Largest Volume Of Metal Scrapped. Ferrous Scrap Is Classified Into Almost 80 Grades; Additionally, There Are Another 40 Grades Of Railroad Ferrous Scrap And Even More Grades Of Alloy Scrap. Metal Alloys Are Made From A Combination Of Two Or More Metals.

Ferrous Metals Contain Predominantly Iron (They Often Contain Small Amounts Of Other Metals), Are Magnetic And Usually Offer Little Resistance To Corrosion. Ferrous Metals Include Wrought Iron, Steel And Stainless Steel.